Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design.

—In-Game Description

Neural Sensors are a rare component that can be found primarily on Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress. It is usually found in quantities of 1-4. 

Alad V has a higher chance of dropping Neural Sensors compared to enemies, containers, and lockers. As of Update 16.4 The Raptors also have a chance of dropping Neural Sensors, but this does not apply to the rest of Europa.

Blueprints Requiring Neural Sensors

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Neural Sensors.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Forma Enhancement 1
Orokin Reactor Enhancement 1
Bolt Release Item 1
Heat Dagger Melee 1
Heat Sword Melee 1
Kama Melee 5
Lecta Melee 3
Mire Melee 2
Serro Melee 3
Tipedo Melee 2
Stradavar Primary 3
Ash Neuroptics Component 1
Banshee Neuroptics Component 1
Chroma Neuroptics Component 2
Ember Neuroptics Component 1
Excalibur Neuroptics Component 1
Frost Neuroptics Component 1
Frost Prime Neuroptics Component 1
Loki Neuroptics Component 1
Loki Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Mag Neuroptics Component 1
Mantis Avionics Component 6
Nekros Neuroptics Component 1
Nova Neuroptics Component 1
Nyx Neuroptics Component 1
Rhino Neuroptics Component 1
Saryn Neuroptics Component 1
Trinity Neuroptics Component 1
Valkyr Neuroptics Component 1
Volt Neuroptics Component 1
Volt Prime Chassis Component 3


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum6410 for 1 Neural Sensors.

—In-Game Description

Neural Sensors be purchased directly from the market for Platinum6410. Alternatively, players can purchase their blueprints for Platinum64100, or doing Raid The Law of Retribution Nightmare which drops the permanent and reusable blueprint.

Manufacturing Requirements
N/A AlloyPlate64

Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 2
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6410 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Platinum64100


  • After Update 9.0, all rare items dropped much more commonly than normal, up to quantities of 6 per drop in some cases. The drop rates were fixed in Hotfix 9.1.3.
  • From Hotfix 9.8.2 until Hotfix 9.8.3, J3-Golem had a higher Neural Sensors drop rate than usual. Update 9.8.3 fixed this drop rate.
  • Outside of the neuroptics components and Orokin technology, the only other recipes requiring neural sensors are seven melee weapons, the Stradavar, the Grustrag Three Bolt Release and the avionics component of the Mantis landing craft.

Gathering tips

Elara and Sinai, Jupiter are effective locations to gather Neural Sensors. Another place that is effective to farm is Themisto, Jupiter (assassination of Alad V).

Distilling Extractors are also a good way to farm these with little effort, though it should be noted that Neural Sensors are not guaranteed.


  • The Descriptions of Neural Sensors and Neurodes were swapped several times, with the second time completely reversing what the components clearly were. This was finally reverted in Hotfix 15.16.2 to properly fit their obvious designs.

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